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A Mile In My Shoes...

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A Mile In Her Shoes

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A Mile in Her Shoes points at the futility of making nice decisions without well thought out plans and practical steps to keep them. Through the lives of Ose and Lisa, we see some challenges faced by young adults as they struggle to gain emotional independence. This work is also crafted to make us take a good look at gender discrimination and child-vulnerability in middle class families.

Walking In New Shoes

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For the past few years Tanine M. Harvey has written a monthly inspirational publication, "Soul Therapy," sharing her thoughts and knowledge on spiritual growth, self awareness and relationships. Simultaneously, she shared her gift with an online magazine, in the 'Manic Monday Motivation' section, writing a weekly motivational column to inspire people to begin their work week with a positive start.

Tanine M. Harvey connects with her readers in a candid, motivational and compassionate voice. She expresses her art to stretch her readers beyond their comfort, to overcome their fears and to use each experience as a spring board to foster a life of liberation toward a relentless drive for progress. Her writings are intimate, sharing the details of her experiences as she taps into the power within. "Walking in New Shoes" symbolizes one who is living the questions before the answers manifest. It's a journey of becoming something new through a life of resilience and self awareness. "When there is no one to encourage me, when there is no one to hold me accountable and bring me back to my true self, I am accountable to encourage myself." "Walking in New Shoes" will impact your thinking and inspire the colossal power within you. As you walk through the pages with your fingertips you will discover a new way of thinking, a new way of being and a new way of living.


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