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As the title suggests, Shorts is a collection of short fiction by the author, H. S. Contino. The book contains a combination of short stories and poems that were written over a fifteen year period. The subject matter of the work is diverse. There are light hearted pieces including "Grandpa's Tall Tale," but there are also much darker pieces such as "Hindsight." Many of the stories are infused with the author's unique sense of humor. A firm believer that writing is a practice, Contino enjoys trying new things and tackling new challenges. She often begins her writing day with shorter "warm up" exercises before moving on to her longer works. Many of the entries in this collection are the result of writing prompts, free writing exercises, and experiments. The collection demonstrates the diversity of the author, a self-proclaimed "hodgepodge." It also demonstrates how her writing style has developed over the years.

Rather Shorts

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A Fort Worth detective finds contentment as a small-town police chief.
Orin Cage left a 15-year career with the Fort Worth PD to become Chief of Police in the small North Texas town of Rather. Glad to have escaped the high-pressure of the Metroplex crime scene, Cage takes a laid-back, but still effective, approach law enforcement.
The six stories in this volume:
* "By a Nose" (inept double-crossing crooks)
* "Give Him a Hand" (it was just a magic act, right?)
* "A Quiet Sunday" (that turned out not quite so quiet, after all)
* "Lady in Distress" (she didn't appreciate the help)
* "Out of Control" (nobody's kid is immune)
*"Have Another Drink" (but be careful whom you stick it to in business)
Now you can spend some relaxing time with Chief Cage as he sorts out the problems of the citizens of Rather, Texas.

Cozy Campfire Shorts

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Remember the deliciously scary stories we shared around the campfire when we were kids? J.B. Hawker has written a collection of spooky tales with a cozy twist to share around your fireside today. Taking her cue from those creepy campground tales and horror film classics, she spins yarns certain to either put a lump in your throat or tickle your funny bone. These humorous short stories introduce the character of Matilda Thistlethwaite, soon to be featured in her own series of cozy mysteries.


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