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Twisted Knickers (a Bunch Of Shorts - Stories)

RRP $15.99

Twisted Knickers - a brief selection of short stories, or a short collection of brief stories, bunched together in a short book. The stories range from humorous (The Muse and a Rose), to the poignant (The Drawing, Two), whimsical (The Transformation of Marmaduke), and satirical (The Primary Candidate, The Zen of Deep Pit Latrines), and even iconoclastic (The Greek Defense).

A Pocketful Of Shorts

RRP $13.99

A Pocketful of Shorts is a collection of short stories of mixed genres, with a fair number inspired by, and written for women's magazines. A few are of the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres.

A Pair Of Shorts

RRP $12.99

From the sublime to the ridiculous! This pairing of stories certainly seems to cover that statement, with a story set in Hades and steeped in sin, alongside one about the season of goodwill to all and general happiness. I like the contrast. I hope you do too. The Best Christmas Ever Christmas Eve has arrived and the whole world, it seems, is intent on doing the very last of the last-minute Christmas shopping. In some, the day brings out unexpected acts of kindness, where others are left unmoved. This story views the day through the eyes of a 'gentleman of the road', shuffling his way from an early morning rude awakening to a magical end as the day draws to a close. Miss Goody Two-Shoes and the Devil Tongue firmly in cheek, and sprinkling spilt salt over her left shoulder to ward off evil, Andrea Frazer takes us on a trip to Hell, where the daily grind (and groan) is about to be interrupted by a very rare event. A pebble plinks on the vast black glass dome that serves Hell and it's environs as a sky, a precursor that there is trouble in the earthly realm. The Devil is incensed as he realises that there is 'one without sin' abroad: a situation that calls for immediate action of the most radical kind, if he is to save that soul from purity and sully it with hellish deeds!


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