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Cozy Campfire Shorts

RRP $13.99

Remember the deliciously scary stories we shared around the campfire when we were kids? J.B. Hawker has written a collection of spooky tales with a cozy twist to share around your fireside today. Taking her cue from those creepy campground tales and horror film classics, she spins yarns certain to either put a lump in your throat or tickle your funny bone. These humorous short stories introduce the character of Matilda Thistlethwaite, soon to be featured in her own series of cozy mysteries.

A Humdrum Of Shorts

RRP $16.99

A Humdrum of Shorts is a series of short story fiction and poems by author Michael Lee Lockett. In the fine tradition of American shorts, Lockett entices a cataclysm of macabre and beautiful themes that embrace the limitless wonders of the human psyche. Characters merge in voice and story, indulging the senses to experience a plethora of fascinating tales- all set deep within the recesses of the mind. Each story embarks the reader on a journey through the catacombs of time and space in the existential, abstract progression of being. Perfect for cold, dark evenings, as the earth gasps wearily aware of the universality of mortality, Humdrum will have you bound in chills: your shoulders arched, hairs standing on-end. You'll be questioning the fragmented fallacy of your very own existence. So, before reading, close your eyes, and take one final, conscious, deep breath in anticipation of A Humdrum of Shorts. Trust me, you'll need it. For, you never know where your soul might awake. Perhaps, when you've finished, they may only find a book... where you once thought you were. Collection Titles include: The Most Perfect Shade of Gray, Keeper on the Shadow, The Plumber, Get that Devil Off Your Back, The Narcissist, Yes I Killed the Dog, Reliving Bella Donna, Hush Now, Mommy's Going to Kill You, The Old Scarlet Buzzard, Vampire Folklore: Effey Waters, and a collection of poems. This published edition includes the play, By Earnest Way of the Tree.

A Book Of Shorts

RRP $32.99

A couple of con artists have the tables turned on them by a rich dying woman in MURDER by PROXY. An abortion doctor gets to revisit his past, which forces him to face his future in ANGELS' SONG. After escaping Nazi Germany and settling in America, an SS Officer and his three friends are the targets of assassination. Adolf Meistermann being the last one to survive is forced to deal with his past and learn the identity of this mysterious assassin in THE LIFE of ADOLF MEISTERMANN. A degenerate gambler falls into the clutches of an old man who offers him a sure winning formula in return for a few unspeakable acts in THE WATCH.


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