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How To Live In A Topsy Turvy World

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The security and confident happiness of childhood is for most people thrown into disarray by the experiences of the later years. We find the world is not what we expected. Instead it is as though we have been thrown into a whirlpool with a thousand threatening vortices. Why is our world like this? Are there some keys to understanding it, and to negotiating its dangers? How should we live? This volume traces the historical reasons for our world's ideological and existential chaos. It demonstrates that the cosmic bleeding giant, of which we are a part can only be survived by those who know and live the Christian gospel. The nature of that gospel is described so clearly that none need miss the blessings purchased by Christ for each one of us.


RRP $15.99

"Rooftops" is a third grade chapter book about a boy named Tyler, who has to move from his uncle's farm in Kansas to an apartment building in the city. He longs to go back to the farm and remains unhappy until he makes a good friend, Trisha, who helps him discovers that city life can be fun.

Oxford Reading Tree Treetops Fiction

RRP $862.99

Novels from top authors and illustrators with the variety children need to develop a love of reading! TreeTops Fiction contains a wide range of quality stories enabling children to explore and develop their own reading tastes and interests. It contains stories from a variety of genres including humour, sci-fi, adventure, mystery and historical fiction. These exciting stories are ideal for introducing children to a wide selection of authors and illustrators. There is huge variety to ensure every reader finds books they will enjoy and can read. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with children's reading development also available at The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book. This pack contains 36 books, six of each of: The Worst of the Vikings, Aliens at Paradise High, Go to the Dragon-maker, Luke Lively and the Castle of Sleep, The Mean Dream Wonder Machine, My Guinea-Pig is Innocent.


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Jeans Dresses Denim Boots
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Jeans Dresses Denim Boots
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