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How To Live In A Topsy Turvy World

RRP $18.99

We are incurably and necessarily interested in ourselves, but none of us fully know ourselves. Furthermore, most people consistently miss the only approaches to life which will yield satisfaction, joy and immortality. But for those who earnestly and prayerfully study the Scriptures, keys to reality are discovered unlocking life's mysteries. The Bible is a marvelous picture-album and the potential of every life is there sketched. The chief seven characters of Genesis portray the various stages in every believer's walk of faith, and the opening six books of the Bible do the same. In this book you will find uncovered heights and depths of the inspired records never seen before. The appendix offers unassailable evidence for the divine origin of the Bible.

Can You Tell A Triceratops From A Protoceratops?

RRP $17.99

A dinosaur with pointy horns searches for a meal. It tears leaves off branches with its strong beak. Was that a Triceratops? Or was it a Protoceratops? These dinosaurs looked similar, but they were very different. Read this book to become an expert at telling these look-alikes apart!

Treetops Fiction Level 13a The Monster In The Wardrobe

RRP $22.99

Luke is mad about monsters in The Monster in the Wardrobe. He is always scaring himself with creepy stories. His sister Carolyn thinks he has an overactive imagination. But tonight is different. There is definitely a noise coming from the wardrobe. TreeTops Fiction contains a wide range of quality stories enabling children to explore and develop their own reading tastes and interests. It contains stories from a variety of genres including humour, sci-fi, adventure, mystery and historical fiction. These exciting stories are ideal for introducing children to a wide selection of authors and illustrators. There is huge variety to ensure every reader finds books they will enjoy and can read. Books contain inside cover notes to support children in their reading. Help with children's reading development also available at The books are finely levelled, making it easy to match every child to the right book.


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